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December 15, 2009

So here's my theory

We either get an announcement today, or it'll be a few weeks on the DC search. If it's today, I'll be in meetings so you'll know before me. Maybe Quinton or Dawgnoxious will see it and post it.

I have no knowledge of a pending announcement. It's just that today is the first day that Richt is clear of the mandatory waiting period after posting a state job. By the way, I think you have to wait longer to hire a defensive coordinator in this state than you have to wait to buy a hand gun.

That's not a political statement. Just an observation. Either way, I want a DC that blows away the competition. /LamePun


Jason C said...

I am not going to even opine on whom I want as the new DC, for my knowledge of potential candidates is basically limited to name or current school. That said, after reading Bud Foster's resume in the previous post, I want an aggressive coach with a Bud Foster like style, not a Willie clone...

Good luck on your search, UGA!

Go Dawgs.

Bernie said...

Just me, but until yesterday I was really expecting a presser today announcing someone from left field as the new DC. It's been CMRs method of operation and I would've fully supported him given his track record.

And while that may still happen, the phone call to Foster at least showed me CMRs ready to play and Evans is ready to sit at a big boy table with more than 1 year in the ledger. Very promising.

Crane said...

hope i don't hear anything today

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

What about one of Foster's assistants?

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