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December 7, 2009

So, we're playing the Aggies...

Over the years, one of the names I've routinely heard UGA fans throw out in regards to future scheduling is Texas A&M. "Hey, we should play the Aggies." Well...take away the disappointment from the season, and we are playing a program many of us wanted to face at some point.

Personally, I'd much rather play Texas A&M than Wisconsin(again) or Northwestern. As for the venue, it's not like College Station, Blacksburg, State College or Norman are bustling venues of awesomeness. Yet, most of us would be excited to go there for a quality game.

Don't get me wrong. It's not New Orleans or Tampa, and this isn't an ideal situation. It's not remotely close to an ideal situation, but when you peel back the layers of feeling sorry for ourselves, bitterness about the bowl selection process, and embarrassment for the ribbing we're going to take because of the's not quite as epic fail as it first appears.

Playing Iowa State or Louisiana Tech in this same scenario...that is epic fail. So is playing Fresno State in the Silicon Valley Classic, Tulsa in Boise or anybody in a baseball stadium.

As it is, I'll say a sentence I never anticipated saying..."I'll see you in Shreveport." I'll be there, and I encourage those who can affordably make the trip to attend. It'll still end up being fun.

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