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December 1, 2009

Spurrier Joins a Different Top 10 plus a comparison

With Al Groh's departure at Virginia, Steve Spurrier moves into a tie for 10th place on the list of "Longest Tenured Coaches without a BCS Bowl" at their current BCS school. The 2009 pre-season list is here.

Here's the latest Top 10:
    1.(T) Mike Leach (Texas Tech) - 2001
    1.(T) Greg Schiano (Rutgers) - 2001
    1.(T) Gary Pinkel (Missouri) - 2001
    4.(T) Bobby Johnson (Vandy) - 2002
    4.(T) Jeff Tedford (Cal) - 2002
    6.(T) Rich Brooks (Kentucky) - 2003
    6.(T) Mike Riley (Oregon State) - 2003
    9.(T) Randy Edsall (UConn) - 2004 Joined Big East
    9.(T) Mike Stoops (Arizona) - 2004
    10.(T) Steve Spurrier (South Carolina) - 2005
    10.(T) Jim Leavitt (USF) - 2005 Joined Big East
    10.(T) Mike Gundy (Ok State) - 2005
    10.(T) Dave Wannstedt (Pitt) - 2005
If Oregon State beats Oregon this week for the Pac-10 Championship, Spurrier will move into a tie for 9th place. Also, while we're on the topic of the Evil former Genius. How about a comparison to Ray Goff's tenure at UGA.

Spurrier through his first five seasons in Columbia:
    35-27 overall
    18-22 in the SEC
    10 win seasons 0
    9+ win seasons 0
    1-2 Bowl Record
    0 Top 25 Finishes
Goff through his first five seasons in Athens:
    34-22 overall
    18-19 in the SEC*
    10 win seasons 1
    9+ win seasons 2
    2-1 Bowl Record
    2 Top 25 Finishes
*If you include the '89 UGA vs. SC game and 'the 91 Arkansas match-up in the Independence Bowl as SEC games, Ray was 19-20 against current SEC Members...which is a still better.

Ray was mocked mercilessly by Spurrier for his mediocrity. I'd love to see how the '94 version of Steve Spurrier would react to seeing how pedestrian the '09 version of himself looks.



War Willie said...

War Willie

Berryfine said...

Hmmmm Weis was 35-27 in his time at Notre Dame. And fired. Granted, Notre Dame expected more than is apparently expected of South Carolina but perhaps it's something for South Carolina to think about....

Berryfine said...

Hmmmm Weis was 35-27 in his time at Notre Dame. And fired. Granted, Notre Dame expected more than is apparently expected of South Carolina but perhaps it's something for South Carolina to think about....

mpsiple said...

Their records may look similar, but the coaches the preceded their tenure are very different. Things got worse with Goff. Spurier has been a marginal improvement.

Anonymous said...

Think how much SC will improve when they hire Paul Johnson in two years after Spurrier retires.

gamecock man said...

Your points are well taken, but I think we all know that more was expected of Goff at UGA than is expected of Spurrier at USC. I may hate to admit this, but it's still an uphill climb at USC, whereas Goff had all the tools in place to win titles. Moreover, as someone else commented, Spurrier is a slight improvement over Holtz, whereas Goff was a huge failure compared to his predecessors. Finally, it doesn't make sense to wonder what Spurrier would say about himself now. What do you think he was saying about Sparky Woods and Brad Scott back in the 90s? Probably nothing, because he beat us like a drum each time he played us. Spurrier would probably be impressed with himself for even keeping games close with Florida.

BTW, way to show that you still think enough about Spurrier to crunch data about him.

Ray Goff's Laughing His Ass Off said...

LOL gamecock man - we still think enough of him to point out what a dumbass he is and what morons your fanbase is for keeping that old tool around. But, then again, mediocrity & failure is all you dipshits know down at south cackalacky. Hell this 7-5 season is a roaring success to you people & you're pleased as punch to keep the outcoached old fart hanging around. Jesus.

gruden '10- said...

is there a reason you disabled comments on the last thread? jw.. i posted a question on there and was looking forward to seeing people's response

Unknown said...


You asked about Tenuta.

A. Buck is the only one pushing that rumor, and it's absurd. For one, his defenses at ND have sucked. They are statistically worse than Willie's.

B. He would be a *terrible* cultural fit with Richt. You can't imagine a worse pair. That's like Hugh Nall and Tony Franklin bad. Maybe worse.

C. He got his ass handed to him by Duke, UNC (days after they couldn't score on William and Mary), Utah (when they were average) and Clemson (when they were mediocre). He's no genius.

D. If Richt made a move like that, he'd be unemployed in 2 years.


gruden said...

I wasnt pushing that as something i wanted to happen, i just wanted other people's opinion on him and if they considered him a option, now i know that for you its a definite NO

haha, i just hope something is announced soon.. either way..

rumor is that martinez is out on the recruiting trail today..


Paul, Any thoughts on who could be the top candidates for our defensive coordinator if willie is demoted or let go???

all school said...

Steve Spurrier: He's working hard to get better at South Carolina.


Dawgnoxious said...

The Ol' Ball Coach needs to figure out who's got a case of the want-its!

JaxJay said...

Is it a definite that Willie is gone? I'm hoping so, but I would have thought something would have come out by now, maybe on the same day as Bowden's retirement so that it is not a lead story.

Smitty said...

I guess Gamecock Man can take this write up as another "moral victory" for Carolina.

Anonymous said...

You can't spell SUCK w/out USC!

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