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February 6, 2010

About the new LB Coach Warren Belin

Yesterday, Georgia added Warren Belin to the coaching staff as a linebackers coach. He joins us from Vanderbilt where he was linebackers coach and recruiting coordinator. David Hale has a great write up on his resume, but it's this reaction from a Vandy blogger that intrigues me more.
Belin was with Bobby Johnson for the past eight years and helped develop linebackers Hunter Hillenmeyer, Marcus Buggs, Moses Osemwegie, Jonathan Goff, Patrick Benoist and now Chris Marve. If you're a Georgia fan and don't recognize those names, let's just say that all those guys were two-star recruits who developed into All-SEC players under Coach Belin's tutelage. Most of those guys are playing or will play in the NFL...

...Imagine what Belin can do with four- and five-star talent, if those guys are willing to learn and achieve their potential.
A very solid hire as a recruiter with ties to Atlanta and North Georgia, and a good teacher of the game.



Anonymous said...

Im confused Paul. I thought Grantham was coaching the linebackers and we already have a recruiting coordinator?

Anonymous said...

In the 3-4, you have two LB coaches (inside and outside) and 1 DL coach.

In the 4-3, you have two DL coaches (DE and DT) and 1 LB coach.

Grantham will likely coach inside LBs and Belin outside LBs. Rodney is still the recruiting coordinator.

Andy said...

Update the Leslie post! HOW BOUT THEM DAWGS!!

Athens = Best Town said...

Hello fellow dawgs out there. I am curious if there is a Bulldog Club in New Orleans? I might be moving there, and this would be an added perk. Also, PWD, I know you are screening comments now, so if you have info, please reply to as well. Sorry for putting and unrelated comment on a post related to our new, bitchin' LB coach.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware of any New Orleans Bulldog Clubs. Try Google.

Good luck.

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