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February 10, 2010

Make that 4 ranked teams the Dawgs have beaten?

Georgia defeated Illinois at Gwinnett Arena back in December. That win looks better by the minute. The Fighting Illini are now 17-8 overall and tied for first place in the Big Ten at 9-3 after beating #11 Wisconsin in Madison last night. It was the first loss at home for the Badgers on the season. (ht - MonkDawgs Bro)

Illinois' RPI is still only 65 due to a ridiculously low strength of schedule, but they get #16 Ohio State at home on Sunday. Win that game, and they'll likely be ranked. Giving UGA four wins over ranked teams this year.

We have the quality we need quantity.



Anonymous said...

If these guys stop turning the ball over so much, then we have a chance to be very good. Unfortunately we just don't have a legit point guard to break the press consistently.

Anonymous said...

Strangely enough, the Illinois people are looking at the Georgia loss as a 'good' loss, with Georgia's wins over Vandy and Tennessee and the buzz over the close game at Lexington.

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