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March 22, 2010

Diamond Dawgs Slaughtered

As a Georgia baseball fan, it pains me to write that the past weekend was a complete and total demolition of the UGA baseball team, a bloody execution too gruesome for your children to be admitted to watch.  Auburn swept us in the weekend series by a collective run total of 43-9.  If it were a boxing match, they would have stopped two of the three games in the early rounds for fear of Georgia's eminent death. "Quinton," you say, "that's a bit harsh isn't it?"  Here's Perno's quote after the sweep: 
"We’re not good and that’s my fault. There were too many expectations on this group and we’re not a good baseball team on any front — we don’t defend, we don’t pitch and we can’t hit. We don’t have a whole lot of grit or toughness, we don’t throw enough strikes and we sure have a tough time scoring runs."
So, if we can't do any of that stuff, what can we do?  Lose, repeatedly.  

To reinforce the point, Auburn is #29 in this week's Collegiate Baseball poll.  They aren't in nor are they receiving votes in any of the other polls.  We just got destroyed by them.  Left on the schedule: #4 LSU in Baton Rouge, #6 Clemson, #8 Florida in Gainesville, #17 Ole Miss, #18 South Carolina, #20 Arkansas in Fayetteville, and #23 Vanderbilt in Nashville.  Plus #5 Tech a couple more times.  If Auburn got 43 in Athens, what could a really good team do?

We're young and we're hurt, but I doubt the team would make it to Hoover with everybody healthy.  Take your lumps, learn from it, recruit, and evaluate the assistants at the end of the year.  This season is done, folks.



Anonymous said...

We may give up 43 in one game.

todd said...

Brady Wiederhold = the Ramsey guy Donnan hired from Tennessee. This is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Perno should be fired. Get some new young blood. Embarassing.

Will said...

That's a rough statement considering how early it is in the season. I have some faith in Perno as a coach, and believe we can get considerably better by the end of the season. We aren't where we should be by any means, but he can salvage something on the year by at least progressing from this disaster.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there should be a separate Quinton blog with all non-football/basketball sports?

William Neilson Jr. said...

We have always had a few older leaders that stepped up and put us on their shoulders

We have not only none of that but our SP which is usually average (but enough to get us by) is downright bad

In the SEC, that will get us KILLED

JJBA said...

- Quinton should have his own blog. He does a great job.

- Look at the history of Georgia baseball pre-Perno (especially the 90's) and compare that with it under Perno.

- Last year's pitching was awful and it seems like every single pitcher on the staff, outside of Grimm, got worse from the '08 season. This year's staff is the worst in the country. I think Brady might already be packing his stuff.

Anonymous said...

weather is much fairer in atl. maybe you should turn into a tech fan.

Unknown said...

Anon 6:28
It's a sports blog not a football blog. If you only like UGA football you aren't a real UGA fan.

As for baseball... We suck. Period.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

We royally suck. If a medium Auburn team racks up 43 runs in 3 games, I shudder to think what bigger better teams will do.


David Manning said...

I have faith and Perno & his staff.

They're just not playing hard and 3/4th of last year's junior class left for the minors.

You bring back Joey Lewis or Matt Cerione for their senior seasons and we have a different look at the club.

The problem is pitching and outside of Grimm, there are no answers. They're scoring enough to win close games if pitching and defense are there. Unfortunatly, its not there right now.

The bright spot on the horizon is North Oconee's Taylor Hicks whom I've seen pitch for the past 2 years. Hopefully he can come in next season and earn a starting spot.

No need to panic, its just a bad season so far.

PTC DAWG said...

I like the stories on ALL the UGA sports teams..keep them coming.

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