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March 25, 2010

Paul Hewitt turns down St. Johns

Paul Hewitt is staying in Atlanta. If Gani Lawal joins Derrick Favors in declaring to go pro as expected, you have to love our chances of winning at the McNerd Dome next season.



all school said...

Hew?tt would be nuts to leave GTU and let them out of his contract. He likes Atlanta, he recruits pretty well, he fields decent teams, and he's in a conference with some prestige. True, he's stuck at Tech, but they're paying him a lot more than anyone else would be willing to shell out for his services.

If I was advising Hew?tt, I'd tell him to hold tight, even if he really wants out. Be a little patient, and they'll either buy him out at full price, or he'll put together a couple of good years and get everyone off his back for a while. Why should he care what nerd fans think about him? He's bulletproof. The worst thing that can happen is they hand him more money than even Reuben Houston made for selling dope on his way out the door. 7 million bucks is a nice parting gift.

Meanwhile, it's not unlikely that GTU will limp along for the next couple of years, which won't necessarily help UGA that much; it doesn't seem to be a zero sum game between us in hoops. On the other hand, it could help us a little, and in any event it will be ever so entertaining to listen to the GTU fanbase whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine about their former golden child.

Paul Johnson, are you listening? This is probably you in about 2 or 3 years. Me personally, I'm looking forward to that development.

S.A.W.B. said...

100 more cocktails for Dave Braine, author of the single awesomest athletics contract since Mike Adams gave Jim Donnan 2 million dollars for a golf course handshake. May this contract, and many others, haunt the Nerd hive mind for years to come...

William Neilson Jr. said...

Tech had their 1 year of being good under Paul

That will never happen again and he can barely beat us even when we are terrible which is often

We are getting better and should over-take them in 1-2 years

Crane said...


SSB Charley said...

Outstanding. I thought Christmas came early when his contract rolled over, but clearly, that was just like getting to open one present on Christmas Eve. This is truly Christmas come early. Nothing seems to drive the nerds battier right now than the contract that comes back to haunt them like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees.

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