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March 4, 2010

UK is more than 12 points more talented than UGA

The talent assembled in Lexington this year is on par with the 1996-1998 Wildcats and the 2 Gator national title squads. I was at the Cats vs. UConn game in Madison Square Garden, and it's impressive the amount of progress Wall and Cousins have made.

Make no mistake about it. They are more than 12 points more talented than the difference in last night's score or the 10 point average difference in the two contests. To me, that means we're squeezing near the maximum out of what we do have.

Couple of Thoughts about the Game:
  • Coach Fox's Tirade - I loved seeing Fox lose his mind against the refs last night. That was the single biggest butt chewing of an official that I've witnessed that didn't involve a technical foul. If I were a recruit, I'd love having a guy on my side that had my back like that.

  • Trey Thompkins - In front of a pack of NBA scouts who are following the Wall, Cousins, Patterson, etc. show Trey really underwhelmed. Some of that was attributable to the foul situation, but some of it was he's just not ready to face an NBA front court...yet.

  • The Crowd - Best environment for a UGA game since at least Felton's first year against UK and UF. It may have been better than either of those two games and you may have to go back to that religious experience game against Florida days after the Cole / Harrick story broke the prior year. Regardless, it's been a long six or seven years. It was good to have butts in seats going ballistic for this team.

  • Charles Barkley - If memory serves, Barkley was on the selection committee that eventually named Jeff Lebo. Barkley presented the committee with three names of candidates who he knew were extremely interested in the job including Indiana's Mike Davis, UAB's Mike Anderson and VCU's Jeff Capel. All three had been to the NCAA Tourney, two of them had advanced to the Sweet 16 and beyond, and all three were black. None of them were seriously considered in favor of hiring Jeff Lebo...the only candidate who hadn't been to the dance...and was white. Barkley stepped down from the committee prior to the Lebo announcement in anger. His appearance in Athens was the final thumb in the eye to Lebo and Auburn. On the night Beard-Eaves closed its doors, Charles should've been there. Even though he was right about Lebo, he still should've been there. That's one dude you don't want on your bad side. BTW -- He's got to be pushing 350 lbs. He's HUGE.
Here are some headlines from the game:PWD


Anonymous said...

Taco Bell is obviously got Barkley on a profit sharing plan. All the Gorditas he can eat/lifetime Super Nachos.

And totally agree with Thompkins ability vs. a real front court (as well as Leslie's vs. a quicker guard). Another year in the Foxhouse and they'll be NBA ready. An early jump would probably doom them both.

Anonymous said...

PWD about Barkley-he and Coach Fox are personal friends & Charles made a comittment months ago to help one of our walk-ons (i think Nolte) with a chritable event. He filmed for a few hours and helped to raise money. He chose charity & friendship over a PR event at Auburn. For that, Auburn fans should be proud. You are wrong in your insinuation about Barkley snubbing Auburn. Just ask him & Coach Fox. In the interest of truth, you should amend your blog post.

Anonymous said...

I swear if Felton had been the coach last night we would have lost by 30, no doubt.

S.A.W.B. said...

both the offense and defense looked sluggish at times, especially to start the 2nd half. Turnovers in the 2nd were maddening to say the least. Loved the fact that the guys fought back to bring it under double digits near the end, though, and I agree with Anon 9:59. If Felton were still in charge, we'd have lost 100-60.

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