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June 15, 2010

Excited about Jarvis Jones

I'm pretty pumped about Jarvis Jones transferring to UGA from USC. Given the NCAA's track record for complete unpredictability, there's no telling whether or not Jarvis Jones will actually be cleared to play for Georgia in the 2010 season. It should be an open and shut case for immediate eligibility, but the NCAA is a fickle mistress. I know Chip Towers says he's hearing that Jones will have to sit a year.

Update: Jarvis told Chad Simmons of tonight that he plans to redshirt in 2010 no matter what the NCAA does with his eligibility. Probably a good call with the neck recovery.

In the meantime, check out this form tackle at the 1:04 mark of Jarvis Jones violently covering a kickoff for Southern Cal. What a novel concept.

Also, there's this video from the AJC about Jarvis' recruitment. It was published before his senior year in high school.

The three most exciting parts of Jones transferring to Georgia are:
  • Fixing a recruiting blunder committed two years ago involving not prioritizing the kid properly to start with.

  • Bringing a potential impact player into the program at a position of need who has seen minutes at a BCS school. The inside linebacker positions (starters and depth) are two of the biggest question marks on the team in my opinion. It's not as big a question mark as quarterback, but it makes me nervous.

  • Jones' ties to Columbus-Carver High School where two of the state's truly elite prospects are enrolled. I'm pretty sure that I've said this before, but Isaiah Crowell isn't your typical running back recruit. To me, he's a Percy Harvin-level athlete playing tailback. I would put Crowell in a class of recruit like Champ Bailey, Takeo Spikes, Eric Berry and Charles Grant. You can't have players like that leave your state. Period. As for Gabe Wright, he's a bigger version of what Kedric Golston was before the car accident when the Tahoe flipped over and landed on Golston's femur.
Opening the pipeline to Carver back up while landing a player is a win-win-win.



Carter said...

So you think Jones is an ILB? I thought he would be a better fit from a size and skill-set standpoint at OLB. Plus we are thinner than Calista Flockhart at OLB.

Where is Chip getting his eligibility info?

Unknown said...

He could play any of the 4 positions. I love our starting OLBs, and I agree that the backups are scary.

But ILB? Akeem Dent and Christian Robinson? Ok. They could both end up being ballers. Robinson showed some flashes.

But Gamble and Dent have been on campus for a long time. They have a lot of Jancek stuff to un-learn. I'll just say that.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the video. Why are they playing so aggressively on defense and kickoffs?

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