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June 11, 2010

Perno on Draftees & Coaching Changes

Coach Perno discussed the MLB draft's impact on the incoming baseball recruiting class with 960 The Ref Monday. The interview can be heard here. We're almost sure to lose RHP Ralston Cash, but Perno sounds optimistic on the rest of the drafted kids, including RHP Drew Cisco. We still have some recruiting to do with these guys, but Perno thinks the kids will hold fast for big money. If they don't get it, Perno thinks they'll play college ball rather than give in to the minors. Perno also noted that a lot of the big shot recruits we either didn't go after or went after and lost, all went high in the draft and are likely going to the minors instead of college.

Assistant coaching changes were raised in the interview, but Perno sounded like there won't be any. I hope these incoming pitchers have some serious talent.



Unknown said...

If he doesn't terminate the pitching coach, I believe next season will be his last in Athens. And it's a shame, because I like the guy.

S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation said...


I don't think you have to worry about that...I think that change has already been put in motion. New PC is already in the works...mark that down!


kevin said...

If he doesn't change pitching coaches then he's got one year to prove that he's worth going through what we've gone through in the last year in a half. He should've never run the UNC guy off that's now got one of the best staffs at Louiville....LOUISVILLE of all places!

Sorry, I want consistency. I'm tired of never knowing what we're going to get with these people.

Anonymous said...

Why wait on canning weiner hold then?

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