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July 26, 2010

UGA vs. Notre Dame Scheduling News

Sorry for the tease. It's hoops...not football. As previously, announced Georgia basketball will play in the Old Spice Classic in Orlando during Thanksgiving break (Thurs, Friday and Sunday). The question had been...which of the 8 teams will the Dawgs face in those three games?

Thomas Noie of the South Bend Tribute says that UGA will open play on Thursday against Notre Dame (2010 RPI of 49th). If the brackets hold up, he says the winner gets Cal (20th ranked RPI) and then potentially Temple (8th ranked RPI). Wisconsin (21st ranked RPI), Boston College (125th ranked RPI, Texas A&M (13th ranked RPI) and Manhattan (226th ranked RPI) are also slated to appear in the tourney. Last year's RPI info from (ht - WeAreND)

As long as UGA wins the first game against ND, it should get three pretty strong RPI games in Orlando. The only bad scenario is a first round loss followed by a weak RPI game against Manhattan.

In other hoops scheduling news and rumors, we're hearing that Georgia's road trip to Saint Louis to play Rick Majerus' squad may take place on Saturday, Nov. 20th. This is a bye week for Georgia football, and the Atlanta Falcons will play the Rams on Sunday, Nov. 21st. This isn't confirmed yet, but MemphisDog has it on good authority.

We're also hearing that UGA has one more home game to fill before the schedule is announced. The Dawgs are looking for a quality opponent to fill that last spot. Currently the slate of known games are:
    Xavier (Feb. 2011)
    Arkansas State (ht - MemphisDog)

    Georgia Tech
    Saint Louis

    Neutral Games:
    3 games Old Spice Tourney (See above)
Get a quality non-conference game in there at home, and it's a killer schedule. Thoughts on that slate?



Anonymous said...

It is a great opportunity for enhancing our NCAA tournament chances. Harrick was really smart about it. Get winnable games away from home against middle of the pack power conference teams.

Andy said...


fuelk2 said...

I'm actually a little surprised that we're out looking for another tough non-conference game. I appreciate the need to bolster the resume given the relative lack of respect that one gets for winning in the SEC, but I would've guessed we'd like to get a handle on winning in the SEC first.

Hopefully all of this will help raise the profile of the program. For all of the griping that people do about scheduling tough non-conference games in football to help strengthen the brand, there's very little arguing about the need to strenthen the brand of the hoops team.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I like it. Wouldn't mind if we can weasel some of the lower end games (like say a Savannah St, Furman, Florida A&M, etc) into a neutral site spot like Gwinnett or Phillips, but that's just my opinion on them.

And I'm disappointed Paulie, not a single mention of Caldwell (quite possibly the biggest recruit--to enroll--since Carlos Strong)? Even Connor Nolte gave it a shout.
For shame man, for shame.

Ryan said...


I think it's fairly similar to "teaching for the test" in that making it to march is the new metric for college basketball coaches.

Football is setup in a way that everyone (every decent d1 team that year) gets a bowl bid in that the "made it to a bowl game X number of years" stat doesn't really hold much clout in major programs. But because every podunk school from Los Angeles to Bangor, Maine can afford a 13 person team, making it to a field of 65 is much more impressive.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I'm not sure how "quality" we're looking for, all I know is that it will be a D1 buy game and it will be mid November . . .

Hobnail_Boot said...

Anyone seen Boiler Room?

Act as if you're a big boy and you schedule like one.

Act as if you're a regional power and you recruit like one.

Act as if.

Richard said...

Hey Paul, did you hear we pledged up a 5-star guard whose shooting range is outrageous? As soon as the commitment came out, I put the over-under at 36 hours that you'd post on that one. Obviously, I lost that one. :)

Anonymous said...

Heard perhaps Marshall could be that final game.

Anonymous said...

Per St Louis U hoops office, our game with them is Nov. 20th.

Anonymous said...

It's Mississippi Valley State on Nov 12.

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