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August 17, 2010

UGA moves back into the Top 20

USNews rankings of Top National Universities was announced yesterday. The University of Georgia moved up to 18th among public universities from 21st last year. Overall, the University moved up to 56th up from 58th. I think our all-time high was 52nd about eight or so year ago. Our academic peers (large, broad-based curriculum state schools) are:
    53rd overall / 16th public - University of Florida
    55th (Tie) / 17th - Syracuse University
    56th (Tie) / 18th - Ohio State University
    56th (Tie) / 18th - Purdue University
    56th (Tie) / 18th - University of Georgia
    56th (Tie) / 18th - University of Maryland
We're third in the SEC behind Vandy and the Gators. Georgia Tech ranked 35th this year. It's amazing that a state with such low high school ratings would produce two Top 20 public universities.


Doug said...

Syracuse is not a public university, although it is the major athletic program for New York.

80DAWG said...

Thanks Paul,

Been teaching public school for 31 years and I have seen some really bright students. Most of them attend schools in the state. Many of them UGA and Tech. Plus West Georgia, North Georgia, Southern. I have never been able to fully explain our low SAT scores. One factor is we encourage every student who can breathe to take it. I have never understood why. Thanks for the info.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

That should help shut the bees up when they starting spouting academics in a sports debate!

(You know you have won the argument with an insect when he starts bringing up academics).

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