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September 10, 2010

Bruce Pearl Fined $1.5 million by UT

Bruce Pearl fined by UT for providing misleading information to the NCAAs. More important to UGA basketball fans, Pearl will be banned from off campus recruiting for a period of 1 year beginning Sept. 24th.

UPDATE: The Vols assistants are being taken off the road as well!
Hamilton also reduced each of Pearl's assistant coaches' salaries by 25 percent. Beginning Sept. 24, assistant coach Jason Shay will not be permitted to recruit off campus for three months, associate head coach Tony Jones will be prohibited from off-campus recruiting for nine months and assistant Steve Forbes will be prohibited from off-campus recruiting for a year.
As Bulldog in Exile said, Hamilton had to make an example out of somebody to save his own ass. And unfortunately for Bruce Pearl's (and his crocodile tears), it's the basketball coach.



Michael said...

How does this work? They have a contract, right?

Does Pearl have to agree to this pay cut?

If he didn't agree, would they have to fire him and pay him the full amount? Or could they try to fire him without pay for violating NCAA rules?

Unknown said...

He had to take the pay cut. Lying to the NCAA is grounds for termination "for cause."

Hunkering Hank said...

UT should have fired Pearl. This can not end well for Tennessee. Pearl will never get over being fined $1.5 million. Write it down: (1) Pearl will be a huge problem for Tennessee beginning now and continuing for a very long time; (2) Pearl will end up being fired or quiting to take another job anyway; (3) Tennessee will get hit by the NCAA (I mean, it must be bad if he got fined $1.5 million for lying about it); and (4) Pearl and UT will end up in some ridiculously expensive lawsuit (for UT) over this whole thing.


Michael said...

Gotcha. That's what I figured. They basically offered him a pay cut or be fired, and he chose the pay cut. But point is, because of the contract he had to agree to this change in the terms. Right?

todd said...

Texas didn't fine Pearl, TN did.

This looks like an example of TN throwing the basketball program under the bus to try to save the football program.

By the way, this isn't the first time that a TN coach has lied to the NCAA. No, not Fulmer. He didn't have to lie. Kramer made a nice bed for him to snuggle up with a rogue element of the NCAA.

Johnny Majors lied to the NCAA about TN athletes' use of steroids back in 1988. The ONLY reason why Pearl has been fined is because the football program could possibly be about to go down in flames.

Anonymous said...

Pearl couldn't get a D-1 job for years after he snitched on Illinois several years ago when he was an Iowa(?) assistant.. Marquette gave him a break, and he won there. Subsequently, UT hired him and he's done well. Because he cheats.

If I'm on the UT board of Trustees, I am calling for the immediate removal of Hamilton, Pearl and his band of crooked coaches and assistants.

Personally and selfishly, I hope they all stay because it's all part of The Wonderful Plan.

JasonC said...

I can't see how Hamilton will survive either. First, the Kiffin debacle and now this... all under his watch. I am sure Vol fans will be a little gracious with Dooley (for 1-2 years), but after that, if they are still struggling and dealing with penalties from both basketball and football, Hamilton will be out for sure.

Anonymous said...

Warning Shots: NCAA is not F-----ing Around With Lying Coaches.

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