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September 23, 2010

Single Game Colorado Tickets on Sale Now

Predictably, the Colorado athletic department has put single game tickets on sale for the Georgia Bulldogs at Colorado Buffaloes game.  Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 2nd at 7:00 Eastern / 5:00 Mountain.

Sideline tickets are on sale for $100 each and end zone tickets are available for $75 each.  As of the time of this posting, you could still get tickets in groups of nine or fewer.

Also, you've probably already heard this, but Colorado is going with a Black Out for this game, and the Colorado Bulldog Club has requested that UGA fans wear Red to the Game. The resulting picture will make it look like a Bulldog home game.

It's going to be a fun trip.



Anonymous said...

We need to enjoy it. It seems these trips will soon be a thing of the past since McGarity told a Gainesville radio audience that he is going to stop these home and home. He prefers the "Florida Model" look for more Idaho States in bunches in the future.

Russ Fortson said...

Anybody know if there are still tailgate tickets left for the CU game?

Also, are we going to formally congratulate CU for their 1990 MNC? They're the only 1990 MNC that I recognize.

Unknown said...

@ 5400 feet above sea level, the team will have to rely heavily on switching players out throughout the game and plenty of O2 canisters on hand.

Anonymous said...

I've got two for this game that it turns out I won't be using; is Stubhub the only preferred/legal vendor (since it's partnered w/UGA)? (Yes, I've never sold tickets before; there's a first time for everything.) What are the legalities involved in StubHub; is it an auction, or do you just set a price and go from there? (I'm guessing face value is the ceiling?)

Anonymous said...

I saw the tickets for sale and after charges, etc. they are 8 bucks more. I'm taking my chances until I get out there. I think tickets will be readily available at much lower values. Isn't it interesting that the tickets we were offered were $65.00 apiece. looks like they are trying to gouge us big time.


Anonymous said...

You just sell the shit out of them at stubhub. There is no ceiling.

I'm sure there will be the predictable white and black shirted georgia fans there.

We can't even figure out how to get over 75% of the stands in red for a home game.

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