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October 26, 2010

About the Bye Week

Image: '07

Obviously, Florida isn't going to just roll over and play dead for us, but you wouldn't know it from reading some of the message board posts or reviewing the betting line.

Think back to 2007. Georgia was coming off a bad 2006 season, and it entered the 2007 Cocktail Party in a very flaccid fashion. The South Carolina loss was bad followed by the 28-0 halftime Volunteer lead in Neyland. All followed by barely beating Vanderbilt in Nashville. The only legitimately positive sign that season was the big win at Bama.

But Georgia took advantage of the bye week to get its act together and beat the defending national champs senseless.

There's no reason to think that Florida...despite all their problems...can't do something similar. It's not like they are without talent. They just have to pull their heads out of the sand in order to give us a war.

And to clarify...This post isn't some subtle pre-game excuse making way of saying "Florida will win because of the bye week." That's a bullshit excuse on par with bitching about the weather (as Blutarsky mentioned on Monday). The Dawgs had the bye last year before UF and in 2008 before the Tech game, and it did them no good. It's simply to say that the Gators are probably tired of hearing how much they suck, and they will play their best game of the year against UGA. Much like UT did in 2007 after their bye week.

Also the Dawgs should be very thankful we didn't have the bye week this year. Georgia needed the extra week to build more momentum and confidence. Plus, Caleb King would've been suspended for the Gator game if we had the bye on Saturday.


Nick said...

Do you really think getting Caleb King back helps us this week? I have always been of the opinion that we too often don't allow our running backs to get in a rhythm. The past two weeks Ealey has been the go to guy, and he's responded. Now all of a sudden we're going to be doing the one play in, one play out substitution deal AGAIN, and I think it will end up hurting us.

Anonymous said...

What message boards have YOU been reading?? Someone actually thinks Florida is going to roll over and play dead?? Have they not learned anything from the last 20 years?? I'm sorry, call me a bad fan, but I fully expect Florida to beat us until I am proven wrong. The end.

Anonymous said...

Survey coaches around the country and ask them when they would prefer to have their bye week. The average of all the answers is going to be the middle of the season. We could have had that this year b/c Kentucky's off week is also the next to last week of the season. But Damon Evans would have rather played Kentucky earlier in the season so that some of our fans could enjoy a trip to Keeneland for horse racing. Ah, priorities.

The points about momentum and Caleb King are valid but were impossible to foresee when putting the schedule together. Issues such as that could have easily worked against us instead.

The point is...we should try to put our off week as close to the middle of the season as possible.

Bourbon_Meyer said...

UGA 37, UF 12

Anonymous said...

Caleb would have only been suspended one week if we had a Bye....

Anonymous said...

In no way does Florida resemble that 2007 Georgia team. Florida doesn't have a Knowshon Moreno on their sideline or a quarterback like Matthew Stafford.

What they do have is the opportunity to put together a nice scripted first series, something Georgia has had trouble with, particularly against Florida.

Anonymous said...


Take a stroll through the UF messageboards, and you'll see Gator fans waiving the white flag early.

UFKen said...

I'm a Gator fan and will always love and support my team fiercely and forever - this post is not about being fair-weather. However, I'm also realistic and don't see us pulling this one out this year. Our problems run deep and wide (unlike our backs or receivers), and we lack any bit of confidence which UGA seems to have found in recent weeks. Regardless, cheers to a fun time and to a good, clean game!

matt b. said...

Level-headed Gator fan? I don't buy it!

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