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October 19, 2010

Georgia vs. Vandy Photos: The Offense

All pictures by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.

Carlton Thomas on the carry.

AJ Green in the open field.

Great photo of AJ Green snagging the ball.

Ealey on the run.

Orson Charles with the stiff arm.

All images by Jim Hipple. Click to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the AJ photo is the TD he "didn't" catch. How many TDs is this guy going to be denied because the refs didn't believe it was possible?

Matt said...

PWD - tried to use the contact link but didn't work. A buddy and I have started a Facebook page for AJ to stay for his senior year (longshot, I know), but nevertheless, I was wondering about using some of Hipple's photos of AJ for the page. It's not a commercial page, just two fans trying to get it viral among UGA fans and show AJ how much he means to us. It's pretty barebones with only one picture at this point, but I also didn't want to run afoul of anyone's rights. Let me know what you think or how to get in touch with Jim possibly to discuss. Thanks! M.

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