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December 2, 2010

Aaron Murray's Freshman Season

If you had told me preseason that Aaron Murray would throw for 2,851 yards, 24 TDs and only 6 INTs with one game remaining on the schedule, I would've thought for sure that we'd have won 9-10 games. Easily. But here we sit at 6-6. (Image by Jim Hipple)

As a point of comparison, here are the first year starter totals for other recent UGA QBs:
  • Joe Cox (RSr.) - 2,584 yards / 24 TDs / 15 INTs
  • Matt Stafford (Fr.) - 1,749 / 7 TDs / 13 INTs
  • DJ Shockley (RSr.) - 2,588 / 24 TDs / 5 INTs
  • David Green (RFr.) - 2,789 / 17 TDs
  • Quincy Carter (Fr.) - 2,484 / 12 TDs
  • Mike Bobo (RJr.) - 2,440 / 13 TDs
  • Eric Zeier (Fr.) - 1,984 / 7 TDs
INT information isn't as easy to get your hands on prior to 2004. Also...Bobo was technically a first year starter in 1995, but he was injured so early that I didn't think it was fair to post those stats.

Murray's current passer rating of 162.7 is greater than Mike Bobo's UGA single season record of 155.8. His 61.8% completion percentage is third best in UGA history for a single season, and he's one TD away from tying the single season Georgia record Matt Stafford obtained in his final season before being the #1 pick of the draft.

All of which baffles me when I think about us being 6-6.



Donnie B. said...

Thanks Seth

James Stephenson said...

The reason they are 6-6 is the timing of the turnovers. And the lack of falling on the ball in the UF game. I am convinced that had we got that first fumble from UF, UGA wins.

BulldogBry said...

going further, if you'd have said before the season that he'd do that with less than stellar O-line play, I'd have laughed you out of town.

Unknown said...

I often forgot Aaron was a freshman. He's played with such poise and intelligence, I look forward to his years to come.

Anonymous said...

Murray is a reason to have hope for hte future no doubt. By the way, is that picture of the play where Fairley is "blocked into" Murray and knocks him out of the game? It sure looks like the heavyweight champ is locked in on that leg to me. I hope he gets more bs celebration penalties called on him.

tech fan said...

Aaron Murray is a good one no doubt. On top of that he seems to be a strong competitor and a decent human being. Good luck to him moving forward.

BCSAV said...

He was the only pleasant surprise of the entire season. No one else played out of the norm from what was expected. Some might say Houston but thats about what I expected from him. Too many underachievers for a multitude of reasons.

Anonymous said...

The reason we are only 6-6 is that Aaron Murray does not play defense . . .

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: If Murray plays like a typical freshman, Richt is looking for another job.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Defense not getting stops and untimely fumbles (not that there is a "timely" fumble) can be large part of the loss at CU. Arguable if the fumble against USC would have changed that to a win.

Very frustrating season. The CU,MSU and UF losses are all very frustrating.

USC turned out to be about what I expected (a good, but not great team) that is playing for the SEC title and had Auburn on the ropes early in the season.

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