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April 11, 2011

Hoops Schedule Gets Tougher

Another confirmed date from the LA Times as Coach Fox's Georgia Bulldogs will head west to L.A. to face Southern Cal on Saturday, Dec. 17th (HT - MemphisDog and SicEmDawgs).  It's a home and home series so we get a return trip in the 2012-2013 season.

Known games for 2011-2012 include:

Georgia Tech
Big East Team (as part of the Big East vs. SEC Challenge*)
Game 1 of CBE Tourney (rumored to be William & Mary)
Game 2 of CBE Tourney (rumored to be Niagara)

Neutral (Kansas City)**:
Game 3 of CBE Tourney: Missouri, Notre Dame or Cal
Game 4 of CBE Tourney: Missouri, Notre Dame or Cal

Southern Cal

*The Big East vs. SEC Challenge moved away from the neutral site model for this upcoming season.
**All four CBE host teams advance to Kansas City regardless of their records in tourney play.

There are 3-4 open left on the slate (excluding the Big East team).  No matter who we fill the final spots with it's still a Top 20 schedule.  Avoid scheduling Savannah State caliber dregs in those final three slots, and it could be a Top 10 schedule.  Now...we just need some more players.



Anonymous said... announced today Leslie will not return. The schedule just got tougher.

Anonymous said...

"Now...we just need some more players."

What is going on in that regard?

Nolte moved the UGA BB Doomsday Clock within minutes of midnight. Please, tell me Adams and Goodwin are not going to go to Memphis and leave us with mere seconds.

And why aren't we going after Ari Stewart hard? He's not that different than Damien Wilkins at the same point and we don't look like we are in position to turn players away.

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