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June 29, 2011

Georgia Basketball Schedule Update listed four non-conference games added to the schedule. Originally, we had heard that the first two games of the CBE Tourney in Athens might be against Niagara and William & Mary. However, we're now hearing that George Washington will be one of the CBE Teams destined for Athens (ht - MemphisDog).

Interestingly, there's an outside chance for a terrific Georgia sports weekend Nov. 11th. We open the weekend and the season with a home basketball game against Wofford. Then we get Auburn at home on Saturday. Potentially, we'd get another basketball game on Sunday at home in the CBE Tourney. It's a long shot, but possible.

As of today, here's the schedule:
      Wofford 11/11
      CBE Game 1 (11/13-11/15) TBD
      CBE Game 2 (11/14-11/16) George Washington or TBD
      Cincy 12/2
      Georgia Tech 12/6
      Furman 12/23
      Winthrop 12/27

      CBE Game 3 (ND, Cal or Mizzou) 11/21
      CBE Game 4 (ND, Cal or Mizzou) 11/22

      Southern Cal (Not Confirmed) 12/17
For a start like that, we'll need Kentavious Caldwell.



Anonymous said...

Any word on any renovations to the Steg? Is it the new scoreboard thing for real?

Anonymous said...

They are doing some interior renovations this offseason. The roof is getting some work and I think they are doing something with the scoreboard, but I can't remember what.

Anonymous said...

By roof, I mean Ceiling obviously.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see we will get the nerds when the students are on campus. Let's make it 3 in a row over those losers.

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