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June 27, 2011

Offensive Line Woes

With Brent Benedict leaving the program, we have three (is that right?) O-line backups that were on campus in the spring.

Looks like Searles got out when the getting was good. You could say he left the cupboard bare, too.  We need Watts Danzler and Zack DeBell to show up ready to play, because they are going to get the chance to.


Irwin R. Flecther said...

I think the bigger issue is that whether it was under Calloway or Searles or whoever...Georgia under Richt hasn't recruited or produced the type of OL prospects that you would expect (or need).

Georgia hasn't signed a 5-star (according to Rivals) OL in Richt's tenure.

Meanwhile...over that same period...
Alabama(4), Notre Dame, Michigan, Auburn, NC State(2), Miami(2), Virginia, Iowa, LSU, Texas(3), Ohio St(3), Nebraska, USC(5), Florida(3), Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Colorado, BYU, Texas A&M, Illinois, Washington, and Tennessee all have signed at least one(multiples in parens).

I'm a huge Richt supporter, and I'm all in on pulling for him to turn it around this fall, but if he can't, I think it will be a direct result of the fact that we stopped/haven't developed talent on the OL and DL. (and I don't think that is simplifying it too much...I think that is the answer, period).

Teams that win big put players from the OL and the DL in the first two rounds of the NFL draft.

The last 6 years, we have had 0...ZERO...players from our front 7 or OL drafted in the first two rounds. the 6 years prior to that...11 players from the OL or front 7 drafted in the first two rounds. UGA went from averaging 2 a year to going 6 years without one player going that high. That's not a drought, that's a glaring deficiency...and when you start comparing to the other teams in the SEC, no wonder we have been getting our a$$ kicked on a regular basis.

JaxDawg said...

He'll end up at Auburn.

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