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July 11, 2011

The Margin for Error

Fear the Elf (Image: Hipple)

As I've said before, the program in 2011 has very little margin for error. It's not that the program is on life support or that there's a seat of unmanageable heat. It's also not as if the program is incapable of course correction and returning to 10+ win seasons.

All of those things are within our reach given the schedule and starting talent. The problem is that there's just no margin for error as there's simply no proven depth.

We're an injury or suspension away from scenarios like:
-- Playing Carlton Thomas in the Wild Elf Formation
-- Going from 32+ starts to zero at LT or Center
-- Dropping from Jarvis Jones to Chase Vasser at SAM

Other than tight end, what position has proven, reliable SEC-caliber depth? Any?

Dean Legge talked today about the 2007 "What Could Have Been" recruiting class. While he's correct overall, I think that particular recruiting class is water under the bridge. Most of the impact players from that class were in the NFL by Year 3 or 4. Very few are left for this season.

My concerns are more focused on the 2010 offensive signing class. How does a coaching staff with no offensive turnover deliver a class that in Year 2 has only one sure fire starter and only two more obvious meaningful contributors for the upcoming season?

2010 Signing Class (Offensive):
OT - Kenarious Gates

Potential Meaningful Contributor in 2011:
RB - Ken Malcome
FB - Zander Ogletree

Who Knows When They'll Contribute:
QB - Hudson Mason
WR - Michael Bennett
OG - Kolton Houston

Didn't Qualify (yet):
WR - Lonnie Outlaw

No Longer in School:
OT - Brent Benedict

This is fixable. We just can't afford the bad luck injuries of 2003, 2006 or 2009. Nor can we afford to ever have a recruiting class on either side of the ball like the 2010 group above. Note: I'm not giving up on those guys. I'm just pointing out the lack of anticipated contribution in Year 2).



Anonymous said...

Please stop posting. Quentin and tyler are quite allright. You, not so much. Please go back to your cubicle.

Anonymous said...

2010 offensive class sucked. Lack of sense of urgency. Lack of meritocracy......

Holla said...

Brave, brave anonymouse! Thanks for all you do.

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