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July 16, 2011

Samuel as Running Back

I know this is old news, but I can't get too excited about it.  One one hand, Samuel had his shot at TB, was serviceable, but is a natural linebacker. The running back deal was a recruiting promise kept.  Why wait to make the switch back now, especially considering they knew King was on thin academic ice and Ealey was out? On the other hand, if the coaches need to find another body to ensure the necessary depth to run the play book, who else do they pick?

There are two things that come to mind:  One, they just don't trust one of the players they have at their disposal to be the player(s) they need at tailback, either as a co-number one or as a primary back up. That is puzzling and a bit strange.  And scary as hell.  Two, had Samuel been at LB his whole career, the coaches would not have to worry about moving him, as I believe he'd be too important to the defense to move around. 

The constant position swapping is putting players' careers in bad places and is wasting talent. I realize we are very deep at places on the defense, but damn. At least Richard is in a good place about it.


Anonymous said...

It is all about pass protection. We have two freshman and a midget back there.

I agree this is not a good move for RS and long term I think it hurts the team (not RS's fault, he is DGD).

Unknown said...

If Grantham thought he was a big time LB prospect, he wouldn't have let him move. I've decided it's a non-event either way.

For all the weeping and gnashing of teeth about moving Kiante Tripp around, he couldn't play any position well.

Would I have liked to see Samuel at LB? Heavens yes. He should've been moved after his FR year.

I'm just sort of shrugging on this one now. Grantham wouldn't let a kid leave 2nd team LB to be 3rd team RB. Not if he thought he could ball.

Especially not with Jarvis in limbo.

Mr. Sanchez said...

If pass pro is a problem, let's stick Murray in a shotgun so he can see the pressure coming. We could also go with two TEs to make the angles off the edge harder and provide more protection. But then, that takes some creativity I'm not sure our offensive gameplan will have.

And Paul, about them not playing any position well. Could the lack of time spent learning any position be a contributing factor to his lack of success?

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