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August 13, 2011

Am I the only one?

That saw this and thought "Good for Coach Wilson?"

I mean, you can be all "Ha, ha, guys" and kiss their butts or you can say, "You know what? Stop with the Indiana will never be good routine."  The Coach defended his school.  That is what I would want my coach to do.  I guess only radio jocks can have bad attitudes and diss others.  Turnabout is not allowed.

The way Trudeau was acting, you would have thought Wilson brought up his arrest for supplying booze to high schoolers.


Carter Burger said...

Two radio hosts full of themselves put in their place by the coach. I think I'll be rooting for IU this year, too! GATA Coach!!

Anonymous said...

No you are not the only one.

Tony Waller said...

Look, listening to the replay, it is clear the coach was not in the mood.

Yeah, IU football sucks. Nearly always has. Still, it would be like having Jack Trudeau on to talk about his current gig in radio, then making fun of old dudes getting arrested having booze parties for high schoolers at their house. It wouldn't be cool or funny.

And then Trudeau making a comment that he is sorry his kid is there?

"Good. Day. Sir. I am done with you." is the right attitude of the Coach.

jonathan said...

That was my exact reaction as well. Also seconding the rooting for IU (especially in the Illinois game).

Anonymous said...

If this coach is ever going to have a snowball's chance of winning support from the Alumni/fanbase, he cannot let a couple of radio jerks diss his employer.

Good on ya, coach.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Most of the comments on the article that I read, were in favor of the coach too.

Anonymous said...

I bet Coach Wilson's players love him right now.

KornDawg said...

I'm with the coach, too. I can't say I'd be as civil if I were in his shoes. The hosts keep saying how they're allowing him on their show, but most radio interviews I've listened to treat the guest with a little gratitude, and don't ridicule them. They seem to forget that the coach has to take out of his busy day to talk to them. Whomever wrote the article comes across as somewhat of a jerk, as well. I guess the coach is supposed to sit there and laugh while they disrespect his school. Call me a Hoosiers fan this year, too.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Any football coach in the nation would have done the same thing. No coach, regardless of the success of your program as of late, should let radio hosts bash your program RIGHT BEFORE THEY INTERVIEW YOU.

The worst part is how indignant they got when he spoke of having pride. They tried to make his pride of his program and school look like he was bringing unwarranted attitude. My 6 year old cousin has more conversational tact than those idiot radio hosts.

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