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August 6, 2011

Number 1

Number one in our hearts, number 3 in our program? (Image: Hipple)
We've made jokes waxed sarcastic about it around here, but once the balls are in the air, two potent play makers sharing a number is no joking matter. 

So, will a number change take place?  I think it will.  Looking at it logically, I don't see any way the coaches let two players that could end up on the field at the same time share a number.  Yes, Crowell picked #1.  There are 105 players in camp, so there is no way some players can't share a number.  I grant these are the same coaches that have a penchant for calling timeouts on 3rd and short from inside the opponents 10 yard line, but this is a simple fix.  One that someone will make.

Of course, we could see Crowell take #6, but that would preclude Big John from becoming part of the power package and plowing holes for him.  Not that I think that was the reason Jenkins picked 6.  Hmmm...



FisheriesDawg said...

Based on Seth Emerson's report from yesterday ( it sounds like Smith may be killing it on defense. If he's going to start at corner (and only if) I could actually see a positive from Crowell and Smith sharing a number.

If Crowell is going to be an every once in a while thing on offense, we can work it out that Samuel/Malcome/Thomas rotate in any time Smith is going to be on O...we're obviously going to be rotating those guys in anyway. When that happens, it isn't going to be quite as obvious that Smith is in the game (this has been a clear key for defenses in the past). Sure, he won't look exactly like Crowell on the field, but the defense is going to have to figure out who is who after the huddle breaks.

It may not make a lick of difference, but I wonder if a little deception isn't part of the idea here.

Kevin said...

From Mark Weiszer's column today "If coaches want to use both on offense", Smith said, "I’ll have to get another number."

Tony Waller said...

Noticed that little tidbit. Just don't think it'll be an issue come game time.


Skeptic Dawg said...

During his press conference on Thursday, CMR said he is not sure if Smith will play on the offensive side of the ball. However, if he does, then there will be a number change. Why would we not use such a gifted athlete to put points on the board? This staff can be some dim at times.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Smith would be an idiot not to change numbers to get more snaps on offense. It increases his exposure and shows skills to the pros (which I am betting is something he entertains).

Stinks a little bit of selfish over a number. Someone needs to remind him that in the pros, he will not be wearing #1 either.

It seemed that back in the old days players with the same number would just put on a mesh top over their regular uni, but I bet that is against the rules now.

Anonymous said...

Why, in a million years, should Smith be the one to change numbers? More power to him and a lot of respect if he wants to volunteer to make the switch, but if it comes down to a coach applying pressure to resolve the situation, the freshman has to be the one to give up the jersey. Branden Smith has had the number for two years. And, by the way, he's actually helped Georgia win football games while wearing it. What has Isaiah done for Georgia so far? Pay your dues, young man.

Tony Waller said...

Anon 3:41,

On one hand I see your point. On the other, that is what leaders do for the team.


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