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August 14, 2011

SEC Presidents send message to TAMU

Having some experience in dealing with high level university administrators, I have graciously decoded the message Dr. Bernie Machen released through the SEC office regarding SEC expansion.  You're welcome.
“The SEC Presidents and Chancellors met today and reaffirmed our satisfaction with the present 12 institutional alignment.  We recognize, however, that future conditions may make it advantageous to expand the number of institutions in the league. We discussed criteria and process associated with expansion.  No action was taken with respect to any institution including Texas A&M.”
Should be read as:
 "The SEC is digging that stuff you are offering.  It is just that too many people are around eyeballing us to see how we are going to conduct ourselves, and we aren't willing to be "that guy."  Believe us, we are "that guy."  We think you should meet us at the Dew Drop Inn by the interstate, Room 17, about midnight, and we'll show you just how much "that guy" we are.  We'll bring some Cold Duck and hit the slot machine in the men's room at the gas station. By the way, if we get asked, we gonna act like we don't know you and tell folks we think you are a bit trashy for our tastes. No offense meant."


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Anonymous said...

"Oh, if you have a sister, bring her, too..."

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