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September 11, 2011

Trending Meh

I'll get to a more succinct breakdown later, but after roughly 12 hours of thinking about last nights game, here's what I saw:
  • Monumentally better offensive coaching. I'm sure there'll be some thing I'll hate when I look at the game again, but outside of the continued spate of taking players out when they are getting hot and one series in the third quarter, Bobo called a good game.
  • Anyone who watched this game will tell you we need more dogs on the offensive line.  Don't know if it is the players or the coaching, but we need more dogs.
  • Speaking of, that Clowney guy is really, really fast.
  • So is Crowell. And sneaky, too.  Can't wait until we run a wheel route with him.
  • Mad props to Coach Richt on the onside kick early in the game. Ballsiest move we've seen him make in years.
  • If I am an opposing coach, I plan on running one fake punt a game.  Actually, I might fake punt more.
  • Hello, Michael Bennett.
  • Props to the fans that stayed and cheered the team as they left the field, and to no boo birds.  Classy showing yesterday by our fans. Certainly not what I was expecting.
  • Boykin 'only' averaged 26yp return, but he is electrifying back there.
  • D was good, not spectacular.  The Great? 4 for 14 on 3rd down.  The not? Seemingly never accounting for Lattimore on the edge.
I'll have more later today, but I don't have the falling and not seeing the bottom feeling I did last week, which is something.



JaxDawg said...

You and the many other folks will get your hopes up after we feed on the weak schedule for a while, but once Richt chokes to FL again and we struggle to beat teams we should not struggle with, the reality that the Richt era will run its course will set back in.

I saw a team with loads of potential (same as I've seen for 4 years) but lacked the wherewithall to make it come together. That intangible is coaching.

Anonymous said...

There was actually a wheel to Crowell called in the 3rd quarter, and he was wide open, but Murray blew it by lobbing the pass and almost got it picked off. Decent throw there scores a TD.

Cornelius Washington is incapable of playing the run. Scu ran right at him all night. Even when he switched sides, Scu figured out where he was and ran right at him. He is the sole reason why we never stopped Scu on the outside runs.

Anonymous said...

The draw play in the 3rd quarter on 3rd and 18 near midfield was unacceptable.

Tony Waller said...

I resent that allegation. I resent the alligator.

I just call it like I see it. Yes, we lost, but we didn't lose because of coaching, unless you are willing to blame all three turnovers on Bobo and Richt. The fake punt, probably a lot coaching, but not all. Kids still have to make the plays.

We stood toe to toe with the purported best team in the East and out played them. Does that make it all better? No, of course not.

I am with you on the steady decline in coaching over the past five years. Last night, maybe for the first time against a quality opponent in two years, there wasn't clear evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

If the team that played last night can fix that turnover bug I like our chances against florida.

Anonymous said...

Good god, how far have we gone downhill when we have fans boasting about going toe to toe with F'n South Carolina?

Anonymous said...

So you don't think turnovers have anything to do with coaching?

Tony Waller said...

Anon 10:26, I guess the coaches are responsible for those particular turnovers in the same way gun dealers are for shootings that happen with the guns they sell.

Jason D said...

That's a terrible analogy.

Turning the ball over is as much a product of poor coaching as penalties, dropped passes, missed blocks, etc.

Tony Waller said...

In some cases, I'd wholeheartedly agree. The two fumbles and one interception were execution. If you are looking for stuff to blame the coaches for, look at pass blocking from the shotgun, the fake punt or the offsides on the first onsides kick.

Unless you think you can coach a QB to not fumble when a 250lb DE hits him blindside at full speed. If that is the case, I guess you are right.

Jason D said...

Well, I guess we somewhat agree. However, while the QB fumbling when getting hit blindside may not really be a coach-able situation, allowing him to get hit like that in the first place is definitely coach-able. Therefore, the turnover is a result of poor coaching.

Tony Waller said...

I have watched that play about five times (counting live last night). What I saw was a very athletic player make a hell of a play. It was a screen that Clowney just blew up.

I guess we can blame the coaches for pulling out a play that worked earlier, but not ensuring one of the top players on the defense was accounted for.

But it sure feels like we are stretching to find a way to blame everything on them.

Anonymous said...

Boykin needs to tackle more, he got schooled by a D-lineman.

Anonymous said...


FYI - Coaching doesn't consist of just calling plays on Saturdays.

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