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September 7, 2011

Yes, at least about losses

Coach Richt asks a rhetorical question of reporters:
Richt: "Does everybody want to see me snap? Is that what it is? ...You guys want me to throw a table or something and smash a camera?"


Anonymous said...

If I showed you ten Richt post-game press conference clips--5 wins and 5 losses--you couldn't tell me which was which. If the head coach is indifferent to failure, the staff and players will be too.

Jake said...

According to Richt no loss is all that important.

Scott said...

"Coach, I believe speak for most of the Bulldog Nation when I say... the answer is a resounding yes."

Or just show some emotion! Show us that you give a damn!

Anonymous said...

How about just showing you "know what the hell you are doing"?

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