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October 7, 2011

Tennessee - 3 Questions

Jenkins with the pwn. (Image:Hipple)
Another week, another must win game.  I'm concerned about Tennessee.  If there is one thing this Georgia team has struggled with for a number of years is the ability to consistently play good football. We can continue the debate about the level of the competition, but we've had three strong defensive performances in a row. Can Grantham's D put up a fourth dominating performance?
  1. Will we slow down their passing offense enough? There is no doubt losing Justin Hunter changes the complexion of each of Tennessee's remaining games.  Still, Bray is dangerous enough with the weapons left at his disposal.  Georgia's defense, specifically our passing defense, is the stoutest Bray has seen all year (currently 4th in the nation at just over 150ypg allowed).  Against the only competent pass D he's faced, Bray was 26/48/3TD/2INT.  His passer rating was a respectable 116.87.  Still Florida got to him enough to make those errors pay, with 3 sacks and 6 more TFLs.  Either way, I don't see Bobo having the luxury of playing four corners offense in the 4th quarter.  The good news is the D line matches up well with them on the front.  That'll give some opportunity to drop guys in to coverage, or even better bring multiple looks to keep Bray from being comfortable.  I'd love to see Big John do a full body take down early.
  2. Can we score enough points to win? The other side of that coin is scoring enough points to win.  I don't foresee this being a 2006 style score fest.  I do think it'll take more than 24 points to win. Fortunately, they've struggled containing strong running games. Crowell will get his share of looks.  I look for more Smith/Boykin plays, too.  The Vols haven't been getting to the QB too much, but anyone that has played Georgia this year has reversed any sack issues they've had.  When Murray has been comfortable, he's been very good.  When he's been turfed a few times, he's been less so.  Keeping Murray upright, either through some miraculous improvement in blocking or scheme is huge.  Involving more play makers might be necessary.
  3. Which team will make the biggest special teams screw up? They kick the ball short and don't cover well, have given up blocked punts in back to back games, allow long returns with regularity.  We can't stop a fake punt, our kicker has the yips, and a few decent high school teams could pull off an on-sides kick against us.  With a game that has the potential to be this close, these are the types of plays that matter. Lord, please let Boykin's teeth be healthy enough for him to house a punt.
I think we'll need Rambo and the rest of the secondary to have monster games.  They've played very well, clearly, but Tyler is a QB unlike what they've seen since week one.  Which went so swimmingly.  

Any big questions on your mind?



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