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January 25, 2012

Georgia Plays Tough Against Cats

I'll not go into the break down of the game, except to say this: if Georgia plays with the same intensity and focus the rest of the season, we'll win nearly all of our home games and at least three road games.  We held Kentucky to their lowest point total since last season's national semi-final loss to UConn (when they scored two fewer points). We held Kentucky 20 points below their season average. Easily this was the best defensive game we have played all season.

Why did Georgia lose? Because we only have two (maybe three) players that would ever get significant playing time at UK.  At most. On any given night, one team can beat another. If we'd kept up the hot shooting, that would have happened last night. It didn't, and Kentucky's talented, deep, and more physically gifted players took over.  Between Davis' five blocks, his and Kidd-Gilcrist's eleven rebounds each, Georgia just had nothing to match the talent differential.

Now, this is a common refrain from nearly every team playing Kentucky. This isn't a post about Fox's success or lack thereof in recruiting. It does bear pointing out that recruiting has to be significantly improved if Georgia is going to consistently be in the NCAA tournament every year. We don't have to have six McDonald's All-Americans every year. Get a KCP every year and win recruiting battles with Tech, Clemson, FSU, 'Bama, Tennesee, and Vandy more often than not, we'll be a very strong tournament contender. And Auburn and Memphis. Especially Auburn and Memphis! Right now, we lose way more of those than we win.

For now, this team plays like the young team it is. That will improve, but we have to have another big recruiting win this season if we have any hope of being in the tournament discuss this time next year.


Ginny said...

"Georgia just had nothing to match the talent differential." I feel like that's pretty much the refrain ever year since Harrick. What do our recruiting prospects look like for next year? Please give me some hope. Although I will agree about the effort and heart. That is unquestioned with this team and that's not something I could say with Felton's teams.

Tony Waller said...

On one hand, we are in the right livingrooms. We've been a top 3-5 for several very high profile players (Carter and Goodwin come to mind). Regretfully, they've decided to attend other places (Tech and Memphis, respectively).

There are a couple of other guys that we could get and have one more slot to fill. I think we have a shot at Mitchell, the center from Wheeler. We also have the possibility of getting another JUCO from out of the blue.

Right now, closing the deal is huge. Regretfully, there haven't been any really big recruiting wins like we saw with KCP this past year.

Skeptic Dawg said...

What disturbs me about the team is the lack of movement on the offensive end. There are long periods of time when this team resembles an NBA clear out team. I am not sure if this is by design (I would hope not), or just lack of confidence on everyone not named KCP. And rebounding. Rebounding is merely effort. Yes, there will be nights when a team gets beat on the boards. However, when you only put 61 points up a night, it is unexceptable to get beat on the boards. This team has only had 2 players so far record double digit rebounds. That is sad. Improve rebounding and offensive movement and this team will win more.

Anonymous said...

I thought we would win 5 in conference. Now I can't count to 4. Win "nearly all of our home games and at least three road games?"

I'd like some of what you are having.

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