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January 31, 2012

T minus 23 hours until National Signing Day

Here we find ourselves 23 hours before National Signing Day. NSD is the last shot of methadone given before we are kicked out of our program, at least until Spring football. I don't expound on recruiting much, other than giving a snarky, usually ill informed, opinion about the outcome, but that doesn't mean I don't follow it and want Georgia to win at this as much as I do everything from football to tiddlywinks.

Having said that, the rational Tyler (call him The Narrator, if you like) knows the actual Scout/Rivals/ESPN/randomeblogyouveneverheardofbuteveryoneswearsisthebestatrecruiting rankings are just tools for those sites to talk/write about something to feed the voracious appetites of their readers. Addressing need is much more important to The Narrator than winning recruiting rankings.

That being said, it is important for Georgia to close strong. There are several 4-5 star players out there that would fill needs. Recruiting sites often miss on a 3 star player's upside. They rarely miss on 4 and 5 star players' downsides. If a guy is a 4 or 5 star, they it is likely they are the real deal.

My dream list for Georgia (and how likely the Dawgvent will explode at how they are being underused we are to see them in Athens in the Fall):
Dalvin Tomlinson - 8:45 announcement; 30% likely a Dawg, likely going to Alabama
Jaquay Williams - 8:45 announcement; 60% likely a Dawg, 40% Auburn
Josh Harvey-Clemons - 9am announcement; 90% likely a Dawg
Brandon Greene - 9:00 announcement; 40% likely a Dawg, 60% Alabama
Kenderious Whitehead - 9:00 announcement; 2% likely a Dawg, he's going to NC State
Josh Dawson - 10:00 announcement; 50/50 with Vandy
Cordarrelle Patterson - 11:30 announcement; 90% likely a Dawg
Avery Young - 2:00 announcement; 60% likely a Dawg, Auburn and Florida are even if he doesn't come to Athens.

And....the mystery recruit. The white whale of recruiting. It is hard to say if the rumors are true or if Georgia having an easy two unspoken for spots mean the class is fuller than we know. Honestly, if I had to say, there is a guy out there that has publicly committed to another school, but has told Georgia's coaches they are still very much in the hunt. Like everyone, I think it is a Dback. I'd say someone that is totally unexpected like Deon Bonner (due to his situation during the visit), Chaz Elder (who has a SC hat on for his Rivals picture) or Ronald Dabry (who hasn't really even mentioned Georgia in his many discussions with the media). I'd also throw Eligwe and Dillon Lee (he's already enrolled at 'Bama) in the discussion, as both have been committed to their schools for quite a while and both could see some immediate playing time. If I were forced to guess, I'd say Eligwe or Darby (note that Eligwe has postponed his decision until Feb 6 and made less than positive comments about UGA).



Anonymous said...

I believe Dillon Lee is already enrolled at UA.

Tony Waller said...

That would be QUITE the surprise flip, then.

Thanks. Completely missed that.

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