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May 23, 2012

Is There a Baseball NIT?

No other way around it.

I don't have any analysis other than to say we have had more hits and gotten more opportunities than we have allowed, yet we are at .500 on the season.  Absent every single team that is "supposed" to win their conference tourneys doing so, and some generous selection day decisions, the Diamond Dawgs are done for the season.  

It will be an off season of serious introspection in the big office at Butts-Mehre. There are some family circumstances David Perno is dealing with, and has been for a bit. I am not as sold on it being the end for Perno as T. Kyle King is, but he has been right about some other decisions McGarity has made, so I wouldn't bet against him.


Not happening-McGarity Confirms Perno Staying (Gentry Estes)


JAX said...

It's time to get serious about this baseball program and repalce Perno with a proven, successful, admired baseball coach. I wish we had never let the guy from Miss State walk away but some things can't be prevented. The amount of talent in this state is staggering, just like basketball and football, and it's time to capitalize on those resources.

Go get it done GM.

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