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June 13, 2012

On the Depth Chart

With the release of the post Spring depth chart (walkons y'all!), the grind towards football can begin.  

There isn't too much to glean from the chart. I think it is interesting Watts Dantzler hasn't cracked the starting line up, but he'll see plenty of playing time.  Same goes for Jay Rome at TE.  Based on what we have seen in the last few years at tailback, it wouldn't be a shock to see Boo, Isaiah, Gurley and Marshall all get equal looks, especially early.

The interesting part about putting walk-on Merritt Hall at the top of the fullback depth chart is the message it sends to Richard Samuel and Zander Ogletree. Also, it brings to the fore front some of the comments from Coach Richt about true freshman Quavon Hicks:
“Quayvon...looks like a fullback. About a 255, 260-pounder. He’s really put togther. You can see it in his eyes he can’t wait to get after it. He’s got to learn what to do, but I’d love to see him learn what to do and get his hat in the ring.”
I've seen him play and he's a beast. He won the state discus championship this year and finished second in shot, so he is explosive, too. In Pierce County's offense, he played TE on a team that ran the ball about 80% of the time, so he isn't afraid of blocking. Plus, he can catch the ball when he needs to.

As for the rest of the depth chart, we need, desperately need no more issues on defense.  The kicking battles will be interesting, but I'm putting my money on Marshall to kick and Barber to punt once the competition settles in.



Bernie said...

The fullback comments also bring to mind Richt's gushing over the size and play of LSU's fullback Copeland back in December. You could hear the sympathy in his voice he had for his LB's. He clearly wants a beast back there and isn't shy about voicing that.

Advantage Hicks.

Hunkering Hank said...

So we took the (maybe) best receiver in the SEC and made him a backup cornerback... Is that just because Commings is suspended? I don't get it.

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