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September 28, 2012

3 Questions: Tennessee

  1. Can we create the mismatches on the line to get our running game going? Florida ripped off 336 yards against Tennessee, but nearly 50% of that was on Trey Burton and Mike Gillislee long runs. For Georgia to look the way they have this season, we need to be able to eat up large chucks on the clock and of yardage. I'll take a couple of 40+ yard runs, don't get me wrong, but if we have 200 yards rushing and 125 of those yards come on two plays with us only averaging 2.35 ypc for the other 35 carries, it could be very close game. If we get to the 300 yard level like Florida, it won't be.
  2. Wicked TE play? To create some of those mismatches, we'll need to utilize Arthur Lynch in our blocking scheme, but not be afraid to slip him out in a pattern to keep the LBs honest. I have a feeling he is not happy with his drop or the other times Murray was on him last week. It be wicked awesome for him to have a wicked Saturday.
  3. Can we get the pressure on Bray to get him out of his comfort zone? Tyler Bray's numbers suggest he isn't comfortable with do or die situations:
SituationCompletion %QB RatingTDINT
1st Down
69 %
2nd Down
61 %
3rd Down
60.5 %

Breaking 3rd Down More:
SituationCompletion %QB RatingTDINT
3rd - 1-3 yds to go
83.3 %
3rd - 4-6 yds to go
45.5 %
3rd - 7-9 yds to go
55.6 %
3rd - 10+ yds to go
64.7 %
Some of this would be wicked awesome, too
(Image: Hipple)
31 of their 62 3rd Down attempts were 3rd and long (7+ yards). Think about that when you consider they've only run the ball three times on 3rd and long (compared to Georgia's 11 times on the same percentage of 3rd and long attempts; 25 of 51). They are relying on Bray when they get to 3rd down. Throw the kitchen sink at him early and often.

This summer I wrote a piece about Grantham's defensive philosophy regarding pass protection. Put guys in the passing lanes, make the receivers work to get open and put your front seven in a position to force the QB to make bad decisions. Now that we are at full strength and facing a team that needs to have their passing game work in order to succeed, we are in a good place to see that philosophy in action.


HiAltDawg said...

That picture of Jarvis Jones #29 will look even cooler when after a victory Saturday, he immediately runs cross-country and blows-up Lane Kiffin for the the sake of the children.

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