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November 25, 2012

Gene Chizik Fired

A couple of things that come to mind:

  • Will Chizik head coach somewhere again? He won a national title two years ago. Outside of that one year, his career is 3-9, 2-10, 8-5, 8-5, 3-9. Unlike others that have had lightning in a bottle, he had a difference maker player that we know, from facts and whatnot, that he didn't legally recruit to his school. In all likelihood, the answer lies with in how much the next AD thinks the other recruiting wins were his doing and how much were the Auburn machine. Oh, and how comfortable the next AD feels with his ability to find assistants to coach up his players. Both of those were big misses this season.
  • How many of his assistants are now untouchable? Trooper has been in the middle of every investigation and other announcement from Alabama state media, save one. Brian Van Gorder has committed career malpractice with regularity and abandon. Willie Martinez. Will some of these guys find places to land? You bet. Will it be a while (at least until the NCAA mess clears up) for some of them? Absolutely.
  • How big is this announcement, especially considering they had a couple of big recruiting wins, on the 2013 recruiting class? I'd guess it depends on those NCAA sanctions. If they are going to get the hammer, it is unlikely those guys are going to come to Auburn.
  • No word on if Jay Jacobs put together this group.
  • Who will Auburn get? Now, this is a tough one. Don't think for a second Auburn can't or won't spend big...if they think they can get a difference maker. Who they get and how quickly will tell us a lot about the investigation. If they get a hot young coach (think Kevin Sumlin, although I don't think he'll leave TAMU), it either isn't that bad or they are flat out lying to the coach. If they get a caretaker, think Tom O' isn't good. Their last search didn't go so great and they didn't hire ambitiously. Part of that had to do with how they fired their last coach and when they did so.
Finally, this has to be Jay Jacobs interviewing for his own job. Chizik was his guy. He took the heat for the hiring getting off the plane back from Ames. He took the praise for the hiring in the magical year. He'll be on the hook for the next coach. Get another 5-19 guy from a pissant school with Jimmy Sexton playing you like his backup prom date and the next Auburn firing won't be the head coach.

Any chance he can pull that off?



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