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December 3, 2012

Louisiana Tech and the Independence Bowl

Louisiana Tech forgot the first rule of hooking up: Never upgrade from a sure thing.
Van De Velde says because the program had played in the Independence Bowl in 2008 and then the Poinsettia Bowl last year, one of those bigger bowls seemed like the progression.
I'm not sure a two year old bowl game with nearly the same payout or a game in Memphis that is regarded (at least by 'people I talk to') the same is a bigger bowl. The most telling is that the Liberty bowl took a 6-6 Big 12 team in an re-match with the C-USA champion, instead of setting up a game between Louisiana Tech and Tulsa that has potential to become a big C-USA rivalry.

The silver lining is Derek Dooley is available if Dykes decides to leave, which he should absolutely do considering the decision making in Ruston. If Dooley's agent is paying any attention here, he'll absolutely know how to play this.



Bernie said...

Is Bruce Van de Velde related to that frog eater that shat his pants and counting his chickens at the British Open?

patindc said...

Maybe But I don't blame them for seeing if a better or at least different offer was offered. The Independance bowl is being pretty dickish about the whole thing. Could have given them a day at least. There were plenty of other 6-6 teams that would have taken it.

Hope they don't sell out.

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