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March 3, 2013

Just like football

A big win for Georgia basketball yesterday. As I tweeted, the most satisfying element of selection Sunday will be the graphic of "Bad Losses: Georgia (2)" under Tennessee's name when they discuss the Vol's potential NIT run.

Give Fox credit where it is due, this was a spectacular second half game plan. Give the players credit where it is due, it was well executed. Tennessee is a very physical team and the officials were letting both teams play that kind of game. On the defensive side, Georgia kept the big men from establishing position and kept them off balance. On the offensive side, the offense prospered from strong mid-range jumper shooting and just enough post play to keep the Vol's defense off balance.

Oh, and Neme had the sickest fake drop step of his career.

One final note. To the students (about 25 of them) that tried to get the "Just like football" chant started, mad props. To the other 500 students there that just basically watched in wonderment at those that did, get your shit together.  We swept a foe for the first time in ten years. You can bet the UT students won't be so delicate in their treatment of our team and fans when given the chance. If we want to be treated like a big boy basketball program, we have to act like one. Yes, even the students and fans.



Stevie Buckets said...

Can we also get some "one more year" chants going on Thursday night, please?

Hunkering Hank said...

I am an alumn and sat in front of what I believe to be the UT families in the nose bleed section. I gave them a dose of "just like football."

And they can go to hell on top of it.


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