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May 23, 2013

Baseball America calls UGA at Top 5-10 Job

Check out this video interview with Baseball America. They talk about the UGA baseball position and potential candidates.

It's a good job. If McGarity would go ahead and fund the $10 million in Foley renovations, it would be a great job. It's not going to take an incremental dump truck of money to get a coach... on the salary side.

Coach Perno made $450,000/year. Most of the coaches outside of the Top 5 make below $650k/year. An incremental $200k for the UGA athletic department is a rounding error. An incremental $500k for the entire staff is still not asking too much.

If McGarity wants to attract the kind of names that BaseballAmerica recommends we look at, he's going to have to get off his wallet and fund the $10 million in facility improvements.

The University of Alabama has a newer, nicer and larger facility for (wait for it) women's softball than UGA has for men's baseball.

Baseball America suggests we look at :
  • Louisville’s Dan McDonnell
  • Virginia’s Brian O’Connor
  • TCU’s Jim Schlossnagle
  • Kent State’s Scott Stricklin. 

Other more obtainable names from Baseball America:
  • South Alabama’s Mark Calvi
  • UCF’s Terry Rooney
  • Samford’s Casey Dunn
  • Mercer’s Craig Gibson
  • Illinois State’s Mark Kingston
  • College of Charleston’s Monte Lee



Anonymous said...

Todd butler from Arkansas would be the best choice....

Anonymous said...

We're too busy coming up with excuses for why we can't build a real indoor football practice facility to spend more money on baseball.

Besides, don't you care about our profit margin?

PatinDC said...

It seems like a great time to jump in and really make a strong baseball program. With all of the love for the Braves, it is hard to beleive a good UGA team would not be popular. Heck it is at Usc.

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