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July 13, 2013

UGA not touting Murray for Heisman - #Murray11Heisman

That's right. While Blutarsky is thinking it is money, I'd be more likely to guess it is Aaron himself who is against it. While our AD is tight, he also understands the value of excellent publicity for your highest and most visible property. 

The cost of an actual Heisman Campaign are nearly almost all paid for: staff time and band width for a website, and press releases. The cost of some of the minor marketing stuff you'd have to do is a drop in the bucket compared to having your starting QBs name and your logo plastered on ESPN for three to five months. That is a cost-benefit analysis McGarity can do pretty easily and quickly.

That doesn't mean we, as fans, can't help. Time for a viral marketing campaign. If we can get Freddie Freeman in the All-Star game, we can get Aaron Murray some pub for Heisman.

Let's make it happen.




Unknown said...

Funny line on DawgRun...once alumni fund half of the campaign, McGarity will fund the other half.

All jokes aside....I don't think there is any reason for a campaign unless we're undefeated post-LSU.

So, why bother. And I agree with Claude. You don't need a campaign in the SEC in 2013.

Polecat said...

I don't think any sort of campaign is necessary in this day and age unless you are playing for a team like Northern Illinois. And the only reason for a team like that to do it is for pub for the school, not the player. And, when has a Heisman marketing campaign ever worked? Sure, there are times when the World Wide Leader hops on someone (see Puig). But a school campaigning for a player? Pointless.

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