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August 19, 2013

UGA to offer unlimited refills on drinks and popcorn at football

UGA will offer unlimited free refills on drinks in the 32oz souvenir cups this football season. They will also offer free popcorn refills on the 130 oz tubs.  Both will be priced at $8/item. We'll also offer it at men's and women's hoops, gymnastics, baseball, soccer and softball this season, according to John Bateman, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing. For non-football events, free refill drinks will be $6 and popcorn $7.

The cups and tubs aren't transferable from game to game. You'll have to buy a new one of each every game.

I think this is a great idea. Not sure about the price point, although Braves charge$7.75 for on refill, but I can say when I bring my kids to games, we spent way over $8 on drinks. Definitely will be worth it at Foley, especially if you bring the kids.



Prestige Worldwide said...

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