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December 2, 2013

My issue with Todd Grantham

I just don't agree with or understand what he wants to do from a base philosophical level.  It's not play calling or technique that I can't wrap my head around.  It's not even our inability to tackle that drives me crazy.  It's the intrinsic way he goes about his business that baffles me.

Tyler has alluded to some of this earlier in the year.  Across the board, he surrenders our natural competitive recruiting / depth advantages due to the systemic way he goes about his business.

  • He surrenders some of our competitive advantage of depth to smaller schools because of his unwillingness to substitute at LB or DB. 
  • He surrenders some of our speed advantages by creating a system that is so complex that guys are thinking on every play instead of reacting on instinct.
  • He also puts himself in an inescapable youth spiral because he doesn't substitute during the season.

Against peer schools, all of those problems can be magnified.

Yes, UGA was young on defense this year, and that was a massive contributing factor in the 30 pts/game allowed defensively.  But how much more experienced would we have been in 2013 if guys like Sheldon Dawson, Corey Moore and Josh Harvey-Clemons would have seen meaningful minutes in 2012?  In 2012, we won the following games by 3+ TDs:

  • Missouri 21 pts
  • FAU 36 pts
  • Vandy 45 pts
  • Ole Miss 27 pts
  • Auburn 38 pts
  • GSU 31 pts
  • GT 32 pts
Obviously, UGA pulled away late in some of those games, but we had our starting DL and DBs in for almost all the snaps even in massive blowouts.

You want more head scratchers?
How is Ramik Wilson is good enough to lead the SEC in tackles in 2013.... and good enough to almost never come out of a game in 2013; however, he wasn't good enough to get any meaningful snaps last year at any of the 4 LB spots?  How does that make sense?

How was Brandon Langley so promising in Games 1-2 that he never came off the field, but he is now so inept or incorrigible that he hasn't seen the field in 2 months?  I don't get it.

What Grantham wants to do with player utilization is so nonsensical to me that is appears to be basic dumbassery.  I don't get it.  Hopefully, he will find employment elsewhere this off season because Richt clearly isn't going to fire the guy.  Unfortunately, I don't see it happening.  No NFL team is going to hire him as a DC, and OLB coaches in the NFL don't make $750,000 a year.

There is a gravy train in Athens, and he's on it.



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