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January 14, 2014

Two more names keep popping up for Georgia Defensive Coordinator

One is a surprise, but has been reported at Saturday Down South: Geoff Collins, currently the DC at Mississippi State. Not sure if they were spit-balling, but I did hear his name come up as someone worth keeping an eye on before SDS posted that article. Collins is a Conyers native, was responsible for recruiting Florida for UCF under O'Leary (which you can trust because it isn't in O'Leary's bio) and led Mississippi State to top 30 marks in the country this season. Not too shabby.

One isn't, but I can't figure out what the hook is for us: Jeremy Pruitt, currently DC at FSU. Everybody's talking him up, and rightfully so, but why would he leave Tallahassee for Athens? Perhaps Jimmy Sexton is his agent because Georgia offering him a boatload of cash, and FSU not countering, is the only thing I can see that makes sense, at least from an outsider's point of view.

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EDITORIAL NOTE: One think I hadn't considered about Pruitt is that FSU did let their OC walk last year without fighting too hard for him. FSU has plenty of money, but if their are less willing to spend it, I could see a scenario where Jimmy Sexton gets a sweet enough deal from UGA to entice him. The other wild card is how much of a pain in the ass working for Jimbo Fisher is. He's reportedly like Saban, but less warm and fuzzy. 


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