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March 14, 2014

UGA Basketball 2014-2015 Schedule Update

Georgia now has eight of its non-conference basketball games booked for next season, and it's shaping up to be a dramatically improved home slate.  It's the type of schedule which gives you a shot at the NCAA Tourney without getting your brains kicked in too much.  Here's the latest.

Home: (Current RPI as of 3/14/14)
  • Colorado (31)
  • Seton Hall (124)
  • Preseason NIT (2 games) - WKU (121) is rumored
  • Georgia Tech (153)
  • UT-Chattanooga (248)*
  • Preseason NIT (2 games)
Additionally, we should get some combo (if not all) of UT, UK and UF at home next year after not seeing any of them in Athens in 2014.

*Playing a bad team on the road is actually a good thing in RPI terms as long as you win.  You get more than double credit for an RPI road win vs. a home win to encourage teams to play more road games. Winning at UTC would basically be like beating a Tier 2/3 high-major team from an RPI standpoint.

RPI Math (if memory serves):
  • Home Wins: 0.6 points
  • Home Loss:  1.4 points
  • Road Win:  1.4 points 
  • Road Loss: 0.6 points
  • Neutral Win/Loss: 1.0 points
What are your thoughts on the schedule so far?



Michael Murray said...

Love it. After this years' Nov-Dec schedule, I was questioning my yearly investment in this team. Teams with a name brand will bring the preseason crowd and looks better to the recruits on their visits. Playing bad teams in an empty arena is no good for everybody.

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