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July 29, 2014

Is Georgia installing a new offense?

I keep coming back to something I can't resolve in my mind. Why do we keep listing Quayvon Hicks as an H back?

Think about that. We've lined up TEs fairly consistently at the end of the line, with the possible exception of spacing out Orson Charles on occasion. Ian Boyd at SB Nation thinks we are onto something.

I'm not saying that we'll wholesale change what we are doing, but think about this:
With Gurley and Hicks in the backfield running the inside zone read. It allows the offense to freeze the LBs, with the ends having to respect the possibility of a handoff to Gurley with Hicks on a lead block to seal the end, OR Hicks fading in the flats on one side, Gurley on the other, with any one of Conley, Bennett, Mitchell in a one on one with a safety that is biting inside.

Another option that is possibility is that we'll use the Hback as the lead on a pitch play. Or swinging Hicks out on a bubble screen.

Again, think about the physical similarities between Hicks and some of the best collegiate Hbacks we've seen, particularly playing for Clemson and Urban Meyer. Not to mention, that also takes some pressure off Mason.

I've got to say, I like the idea. Can't wait to see how they use Hicks.


RaleighDawg31 said...

This exact thing has been puzzling me as well. I agree that I like the sound of it as well. It seems schematically like a way to have our offense take advantage of their strengths. Can't wait until the opener to see exactly what the new wrinkles are.

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