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July 2, 2014

Two question to start July

  1. How excited are you to see more than 12 players getting significant playing time on defense?
  2. How worried are you that there were only 12 players getting significant playing time on defense last year?
Stuff I think about in July.


CFBZ said...

Longtime listener, first time caller....

Grantham was all about playing the "best" 12 guys but I feel like that had an adverse effect on the team because the guys not playing now had a ceiling they couldn't break through because they weren't deemed one of the "best" 12 guys.

So to you answer you questions, I'm very excited because the roof has been lifted off and there is more competition day in and day out. This creates more opportunity which will also help create quality depth.

I also have a lot more faith in the current defensive staffs ability to recognize and develop talent than the previous regime.

I'll hang up and listen...

RaleighDawg31 said...

Excited for what it means to the overall direction of the program, but somewhat nervous for what it means in the immediate future.

Overall, though, I have to think there are many more positives than negatives with this. Given the talent level of the kids we're recruiting, I tend to think Pruitt's simplified schemes should mean we see improvement regardless of who's playing (to an extent).

TylerDawgden said...

I agree, but at some point, you have to think longer term than the next play, especially when we get a big lead. Westderdawg has mentioned it a time or two, but Herrera and Wilson stand out as two that rarely saw the field in '12, but were two of the top 5 LBs in the conference in '13. That didn't happen during the off season (granted Wilson was playing behind Jarvis). The other problem with Grantham is he didn't run an exact meritocracy. He had clear favorites.

As for the other, I'm trending towards less scared and more wait and see. I definitely think we upgraded our coaching from a scheme standpoint. Based on what we saw at FSU and USC out of Pruitt and Eckler, I'd say we improved from a teaching stand point.

As for talent evaluation, I'm so jaded about that, especially at CB, I'm like a dog that's been beaten. I don't trust nobody.

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