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August 5, 2014

August 5th - Do you know where your inner Dawg fan is?

One of my favorite features when Kyle King was in the bloggosphere regularly at Dawg Sports was the appearance of Depressive Kyle. He grounded us. Gave us stats and prose and stats and prose, much of it from many years ago.

Kyle's hook was his ability to argue with himself about his feelings regarding Georgia football. Now, you could argue that it was the sign of a madman ranting, but honestly that niche was well filled by Doug at Hey Jenny Slater, if you ask me.

Now to my point: I feel very much like Depressive Kyle right now.

Before you go all message boardy on me, let me explain: I believe it is perfectly plausible for a reasonable person to hold more than one opinion on some matters. That goes doubly so for something as complex as a football season. That being said, I don't believe it is irrational to see Georgia in a position to make the college football playoffs and win it all. In the same mind, it isn't irrational to see Georgia struggling in the first year of the Pruitt era and ending up 8-5 again.

That is a very reasonable range, based on what I'm seeing on August 5th.
I think I got this phone with my SI subscription in 1988

I know there are those that think anything short of 14-0 and a golden marital aid (or whatever the trophy is supposed to be) is failure. I know that there are those that are ok with beating Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina, and Tech and win whatever bowl game we get into a success.

And honestly, it'll be sometime down the road before I decide either are right. And that has me pretty upset. I want to be hopeful. I want to be positive, and maybe I will be again.

Last year, I thought our range was about the same, but I was hedging that we would have to get some pretty out there breaks to win it all, but we'd be pretty good. Actually, I thought we were much more likely to be in the 10-11 win area, with a possible shot at the BCSNC game if we slipped up and won the SEC. Instead, the ghost of Thespis took aim on the whole offense. We ended up 8-5 and looking pretty much like a second tier Big 12 team, but without a nutjob or PWD's mom's mancrush as our coach.

Now, I am feeling that our defense has too much youth in the backfield, our offensive line is still our offensive line, and our QB could just as likely be Preston Jones as David Greene (don't get me wrong, I loved me some Preston Jones, but I was also young and impressionable then). Also, we can't keep anyone from getting injured.

I need a tonic.


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