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August 10, 2014

Flex Tight End at UGA to yield dividends

Now ESPN is on the case....
In the SEC, most coaches are on board with having that lovely mismatch of size and athleticism lining up inside. Finding multifaceted players who create advantageous mismatches is the name of the game.
Aschoff focuses too much on the statistical value of TE's and doesn't recongnize the value of those that can can block well in space (I'm thinking of Arthur Lynch now), but his point about the lack of offensive stats from them is valid.

Even Will Muschamp recognizes the value in having an athletic player out there doing athletic player stuff in space:
“That changes run gaps, that creates an extra gap,” Muschamp said. “It also creates an extra gap away from the quarterback. From a protection standpoint and a run-game standpoint, it does some good things to be able to utilize a tight end in the game.

“To be able to match up on a linebacker -- to have a guy who athletically is superior to a safety -- and to be able to find those matchups is huge.”
Now, think of this...

The cool part of what Georgia brings to the table is Hicks and Rome compliment each other nicely, with Rome being a bit more polished as a receiver, and Hicks being more of a threat once he catches the ball. Both can block well and create significant mismatches for DBs when they are down field blocking on pass plays. Think Artie Lynch, but quicker.

Speaking of Lynch, if he gets to the end zone in the SEC championship game against Alabama on that last drive, how much more does he get recognized for his statistical accomplishments?

The point is, Georgia has had a success with a TE who worked under the radar. With the Hback implementation, I think that changes.


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