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August 17, 2014

Grit my teeth - Georgia's return game

@marcweiszer: Freshman McKenzie could breathe new life into Bulldogs' return game #UGA Shared via tweet caster

Nice piece by Weiszer on Isaiah McKenzie and what he might get to do as UGA's primary return man. Coach Richt is hedging his bets, but considering how awful we were, especially at returning punts, he'll have to be pretty bad at handling kicks to not get a look.

I would also think Mark Richt shares Gary's teeth gritting over how little the return game did to help Georgia's field position last year. I know I do. 


PWD Note: This kid is 10 lbs bigger than me. Same height. My rule of thumb is "Don't recruit blogger sized players unless they are ridiculous." This kid is ridiculous.  I'm addicted to watching that youtube video.  If we can get another Damien Gary in here, it's on.


Russ said...

Nailed it. Thanks for enumerating what we all saw with our eyes last year. Pruitt has no choice but to improve those numbers.

TEXAS DAWG said...

I'm sure they will be better under Pruitt. You almost have to TRY to be as bad as they were last year. You could tell before the snap, nobody seemed to know where they were supposed to be. With Puritt simplifying the schemes, they can just go out and play. They may not be great, but after the last few years, I would be happy with just average this year. Is it too much to ask to be better than KY and Vandy/

Levi Evans said...

No kidding. How are Kentucky and Vanderbilt 2 and 3 in that stat? And I know Florida had a good defense last year, but how were they THAT much better than everybody else. Maybe KY and Vandy's good percentage is because their defense didn't get opponents into 3rd and long often enough to have a large enough sample size?

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