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September 7, 2014

"Gamecocks will need to play better to beat Georgia next week."

That header from Garnett and Black Attack's analysis of next weekend's game with Georgia after their win over East Carolina bridges into something all of us have been thinking about going into this game:
Carolina often plays one of its best games of the year against UGA and the coaches usually have a good gameplan...
And there is no denying this. Think 2002, the Pollack intersaction game, and nearly every game in the Spurrier era. That is the cost of having a program that views their seasons as two game affairs.

What concerns me are the WR screens. While Gamecock Man views this as a limitation on South Carolina's offense, it is something Pruitt has to be concerned about because I don't think we want to get into getting pecked to death by the five yard screen, only to have Thompson find Shaq Rowland one on one with a Freshman safety 35 yards down field. While Thompson has looked less than sharp on his long passes, at some point he's going to connect.

I'm still torn about how the game will go, if for no other reason than South Carolina does play better when Georgia comes to town. If you want a bright spot, look at what East Carolina did rushing the ball: 21 carries for 132 yards. Also, the Pirates didn't give up any sacks, though they attempted 46 passes. I'm pretty sure Georgia's offensive line is better than East Carolina's.


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