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October 13, 2014

3 Questions Answered: Missouri

There are days when everything just comes together. Saturday was one of those days for the Georgia Bulldogs.
  1. Can we keep Mauk off balance? Boy did we. Missouri was 0 fer on 3rd downs and didn't get past the Georgia 30. That started with making Mauk very uncomfortable with reading progressions, which were very well covered anyway. So shocking was our ability to cover guys, it stood out when Mauk had nearly five seconds late in the 3rd to throw, and he ended up throwing the ball away. When is the last time an opposing QB ran all the way through his check downs, couldn't find someone open, then threw it away. Stellar job by both ends of the pass defense.
  2. Can our offensive line protect Mason enough? The nation's sack leader had zero sacks. That's enough, right?
  3. Will Gurley play? Who? 
Just a great all around performance.


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