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October 10, 2014

3 Questions: Missouri

  1. Can we keep Mauk off balance? South Carolina and Indiana gave us a decent blue print on how to get Missouri out of their offensive rhythm. Keeping Mauk off balance is the key. Our secondary isn't great, but we have been ok except when we are in 3rd and middle situations. Missouri is terrible at 3rd and long. Put them in enough of those situations, we win.
  2. Can our offensive line protect Mason enough? Seriously, can we?
  3. Will Gurley play? I'm saying no, but who knows. What does that mean? Chubb and Douglas have to step up. And it wouldn't hurt for Mason to have that come out game we've been talking about.
Hey, we're a better football team than Missouri. No way around that. If the coaches can find a way to get guys on board with that, we win.


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